EVE Onlines Largest Trading Corporation

Our Mission

New Eden Trade and Markets mission is to become the largest universal market trader in New Eden.  We have 15,000+ open market orders spanning 17 trade hubs.  Over 8 Trillion ISK in market transactions and 900+ billion ISK in profits.  New Eden Trade and Market aims to create 12 regional markets hubs in 2020 and has reached that goal for 12 trade hubs and has surpassed it by adding 17 total trade hubs in 2020.

New Eden Trade and Market is controlled and operated by one single person Eden Trade and his father Eden Trade Senior and there many clones.  Eden Trade will is the Jeff Bezos of New Eden.

Investment Exchange (invest with New Eden Trade and Market)

Eden Trade has created a brand new EVE Online investment fund.  After 7 months 1.2 Trillion ISK of shares have sold and has generated 400+ Billion in profits.  All trade hubs now fall under the investment and have been grouped together.  This will now bring a combined total of over 1.2 Trillion ISK in profits per year or more!  Head over to the Investment Exchange page to find out how you can invest in New Eden and let us do the ISK making for you!


The best way to move "push" your items in the game!  Used by New Eden Trade and Market to stock every hub.  

EVE-Mogul the best way to to track and manage your market orders!  Its what New Eden Trade and Market uses.