New Eden Trade and Market Investment Exchange

The goal of New Eden Trade and Market (NETMK) is to become the largest market entity in all of New Eden. NETMK has 13,000 active market orders (Total value of 700 billion isk), 62 billion ISK in profit per month, with markets in 10 regions of New Eden.

Current Investment News:

  • 4 Market Hubs up and Running for the investment

  • 610 Market orders up for ships. 100 ships in 6 regions

  • 4,270 market orders

  • Investors have been paid out for the month of August. Each share paid out at a value of 87,438,583.28 million.

  • 2 Null sec markets coming this weekend (9-12-20) Total of 6 Market hubs!

  • Merging of all Trade Hubs under the investment exchange for a total of 13 trade hubs.  This gives  a combined total of 900+ Billion ISK in profits per year! (9-13-20).  This will also increase profits per month to 70+ Billion ISK.

I am now opening up a new investment side of NETMK. This will bring many more regional markets to the game. Fully stocked and ready for all pilots of New Eden to get their ships fit and back out there! This is not only an investment in New Eden and the community, but also for your wallets!


Unlike other investment plans in the past days of New Eden. This investment is backed by actual game items. It is not all being put into a single pot such as PLEX or Skill Injectors. It is spread out between almost every T1-T2 item on the market including ships. This ensures the safety of all the ISK invested. The only way for the investment to flop is if the game ends and people stop playing it.


The items are then sold in different regions of New Eden in a full on market (think retail store). This then ensures that all the sales are captured when pilots are needing items to fit a ship. The goal is to capture the sale of the ship, the lows, mids, highs, rigs, drones, ammo. Everything to make sure the pilot has all he needs and we get the sale of the full ship and fittings thus generating max profit.

New Eden Trade and Markets Past Investments

  • Founded January 21, 2019

  • January - December create 2 Regional Markets

  • January 2020 Create 3 Regional Hub

  • March 2020 Took on 110billion investment to open up 3 new market hubs with intention on paying 110billion back from the profits in 6 months. Paid the 110billion back within 5 months.

  • July Created the investment exchange (this) Profits now total 22billion and first payments have gone back to investors at the end of August.

What do you get when you invest? How much will you make?

The investment pays out starting at 80% of the monthly profits to each share purchased.


Total month profits are (this month actual 8/31/20) 22,406,136,967.27 billion. 80% of that is 17924909573.8 billion. Divided by number of shares paid out is 87,438,583.28 million per share.

Basics of payout breakdown

  • 80% until your investment is paid back

  • 40% until your investment is paid back doubled (invested 10bil then 40% payout until you hit 20bil paid out so another 10bil paid out to you at 40% from profits).

  • 25% forever after that.

Share Prices

  • Shares are 1 billion to purchase.

  • Shares prices as of right now will not change in price.

How to invest in the exchange

  • It’s simple search for the character Eden Trade. Character is in the corporation New Eden Trade and Market and CEO of the corporation. Corporation Founded 2019.01.21.

  • Transfer 1 billion ISK for each share you would like to buy.

  • I will send you a follow up mail within 24 hours confirming the transfer.

  • Please transfer from the character that you want the monthly payout to go to!!!

  • If you need to change the character of the pay out you will need to log it in and open a convo and confirm the change to the new character with the character I have on file.

Questions and help please contact me. Best way to contact me is on Discord: Eden Trade#7009 Feel free to message me whenever on Discord I will message you back as soon as I can!

You can always mail Eden Trade in-game slower than Discord but I will get back to you.

New Eden Trade and Market website: 45


No refunds at this time. Refunds or paid off early will be in the future once profits can be saved up over time to have a pool of liquid isk to pay out people who invested. For example invested 10 bil 1 month later i would like my 10billion back however that 10 billion is in inventory (I dont want to cancel trade orders to get you your 10bil back) however if enough profits are in the liquid isk then you can be paid out from that.